Glass and Dye 2.0 Combo w/ Choice of Moire

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All new glass and dye combo, with your choice of one Moire transparency pair.

Kit contains all of the following:

- Handpicked matching set of clock glass for liquid light shows. Measures about 15" for the bottom, and 12" for the top. Comes with a reusable padded case for storage and transport.

- 4 color set of jumbo 1 oz. bottles of concentrated oil dye, with built in droppers tops. Twice the size of our last offering. Very fluid and mixes easily with mineral oil. Also floats nicely on top of water.

- Choose from one of five Moire transparencies sold here in the store. Come as 2 sheets, inkjet print on acetate.
Check out some Moire videos:

Classic Radial -

Wavy Wavy -

Magnetosphere -

Classic Concentric -

Comby Wave -

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